We make YOU look good!

BEFORE you print it, let us proof it.
Our double-edit finds the slip-ups, so you don't "goof" it.

This is what we do . . .

We proofread and copyedit written material — whether destined for print, publication, video or slide presentation, e-book, or Web site. Literally, anything with words.

We check to ensure that your spelling, grammar, punctuation, language usage, and formatting are correct — and that there are no typos in your final or camera-ready copy.

In case you hadn't noticed, even when you use it, your spell checker can let you down.

We particularly enjoy working with authors who plan to self-publish their manuscripts or e-books, and can even format your finished book ready for uploading to the Web.

Before you print it, let us proof it.

ProofreadNZ caters particularly to New Zealand (and American) writers who wish to take into account the subtle but important differences between the two versions of English. This can be especially important to 'Kiwis' addressing readers in the United States − and vice versa, and for writers for whom English is a second language.

Our primary editor is USA-born and university-educated with an additional 25 years residence in New Zealand, and wide-ranging business and professional career activity in both the United States and New Zealand. This provides a unique perspective for reviewing materials aimed at either audience. Our other editors are New Zealand-born and educated with broad backgrounds and excellent linguistic skills. 

Before you print it, let us proof it.

We make our recommended changes to an on-screen version of your document in MSWord or Adobe Acrobat and quickly return this to you. This saves your time and prevents confusion, while still allowing you to decide which changes you want to "accept" or "reject".  We are also able to offer text commentary where needed.

We look for clarity and consistency, and can check your document against The Chicago Manual of Style, The Associated Press Stylebook, The APA Manual, or your preferred corporate or personal style guide.

We offer two levels of service:
Our proofreading service ensures there are no spelling, grammar, syntax, punctuation, or typographical errors, and checks the submitted text for tense, sense, and consistency.

Our copyediting service addresses writing style.  The copyeditor seeks to improve the clarity and flow of text rather than simply ensuring correct usage and grammar, and may offer suggested rewording rather than simply flagging problems.  In consultation with the author, conflicting statements, inaccuracies, and inconsistencies in the text are reviewed and adjusted. If requested, a style sheet can be created.

We can actually reconstruct and improve the submitted writing where appropriate. We can turn "chicken salad" into "chicken cordon bleu", if you ask for this service.

Let us help! 
You can submit your work to us in complete confidence, have it thoroughly proofread and quickly returned to you —
and conveniently pay for the service — all through our Web site.

We can quickly:

  • proofread your work for punctuation, spelling (New Zealand, Commonwealth, or American English), idiom, grammar, syntax, and formatting,
  • prepare your work to print-ready standard,
  • correct typography, standardize layout, and validate graphics and captions.

  We make you look good!

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