We make YOU look good!

BEFORE you print it, let us proof it.
We find the slip-ups, so you don't "goof" it.





Our prices are low, especially when compared to the costs
in both time and money   of reprinting a 'goof.' 
And, when you compare our prices to having your customer or client point out your mistakes,
we're the world's BEST bargain!


Document Size


Single page - Minimum Charge $25.00

One to nine pages

$15 per page
($0.03 per word)

Ten to forty-nine pages

$12 per page
($0.025 per word)

Fifty pages or more

$10 per page
 ($0.02 per word)

Manuscripts & Large Documents

Contact us for special
discounted prices

Please request a special quote for Copyediting or e-Publishing

Prices in NZ$

  • For all formats, the maximum number of words counting as one page is 500. 
    For example, if a Web site or Word document contains 1200 words, it counts as three pages.
    If a PDF page contains 750 words, it counts as two pages.

  • For ease of calculation: Using Word/Tools/Word Count, divide the word count by 500, and round up.

  • If your material does not fit the definition of a standard item, just contact us with a sample and we will quickly give you a price quote.

 We will always contact you to confirm
pricing and payment option 

before proceeding.

Payment Options:

  • ProofreadNZ accepts PayPal, VISA, and MasterCard.

  • In New Zealand, you can also e-pay by direct deposit to our bank account. 


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