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BEFORE you print it, let us proof it.
Our double edit finds the slip-ups, so you don't "goof" it.


It makes good sense to outsource ...

Businesses today are downsizing; becoming more efficient and cost-effective. One of the major trends is ‘outsourcing’ of various services to reduce payroll and minimize space and facilities required for in-house staff.  

Proofreading and copyediting are ideal candidates for outsourcing especially when expert performance is available 24/7.  

Our location in a South Pacific time zone allows us to function while clients in the Northern hemisphere sleep. Send us your document at the close of your business day, and we will have it ready for you the first thing the following morning . . . in effect, overnight service.

Businesses are also becoming more aware of  'image' and quality control. ProofreadNZ offers an affordable, consistent, and efficient way to raise the standard of the image you present to the public.

Today, in New Zealand’s multi-ethnic environment, we are also able to provide a valuable and significant service to those with English as a second language, offering you the opportunity to be more effective in advertising and written business communications.  

We offer two levels of service:
Our proofreading service ensures there are no spelling, grammar, syntax, punctuation, or typographical errors, and checks the submitted text for tense, sense, and consistency.

Our copyediting service addresses writing style. The copyeditor seeks to improve the flow and clarity of text rather than simply ensuring correct usage and grammar, and may offer suggested rewording rather than simply flagging problems.  In consultation with the author, conflicting statements, inaccuracies, and inconsistencies in the text are reviewed and adjusted. If requested, a style sheet can be created.

We can actually reconstruct and improve the submitted writing where appropriate. We can turn 'chicken salad' into 'chicken cordon bleu', if you ask for this service.  

Let us help! 
You can submit your work to us in complete confidence, have it thoroughly proofread, and quickly returned to you; and conveniently
pay for the service all through our Web site.

These proofreading and copyediting services can be utilized by anyone preparing material for print or publication:

  • writers of fiction and non-fiction
    especially if you are
  • producers of newsletters and other periodicals,
  • creators of Web sites and e-books
  • writers of advertising copy,
  • writers of internal and external communications
    in commerce and industry.


We invite you to sample our service. 
Send us a one-page document
up to 500 words maximum. 
We'll proofread it, make all appropriate changes and comments,
 then immediately send it back to you.  

Try us, you'll like what we do!


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