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Judith Sansweet
ProofreadNZ Ltd

We really appreciate the complimentary notes and comments we receive from our clients, and thought they might be of interest to anyone considering using our services.



Judi is great to work with, relaxed, thorough, and supportive

Dave McLeod

Brand Importer, Marketer, and Author of Christ Clone

September 30, 2012


I hired Judith to copyedit my historical/fantasy novel. Not only was she able to assist me with excellent editing, she was an absolute pleasure to work with throughout the entire process. She offers wonderful communication tools to assist her clients and her rates are EXTREMELY reasonable. Judith has my highest recommendation possible. I look forward to our next collaboration at the soonest opportunity.

Val Edward Simone

Author/Publisher at Twin Horse Publishing, LLC

Author/Publisher at Morningside Publishing, LLC

Author/Publisher at Ekidsland Publishing, LLC

August 16, 2012


In the time I have known Judith I have found her to be meticulous, fast in producing results, quick to make suggestions for improvement and a delight to work with. With her editing and e-publishing assistance, we quickly achieved "Best Seller" status on Amazon's Kindle and CreateSpace platforms. The books were even selected for the New Zealand pavilion at the Frankfurt Book Fair in 2012
Graeme Kennedy
New Tales of the South Pacific
July 6, 2012


Judith is thorough in her work, always delivers what she promises and a pleasure to work with.

Jeremy Barron

Director at Public Eye Advertising

May 22, 2012


Judith edited several of the scientific articles that I co-authored.. I highly appreciated her work, the way she improved my English and taught me to avoid mistakes. All the articles she edited, were accepted and I realize well that the form and style of the article played an important role in this. I appreciate her work and her punctuality. I did already recommend her to my colleagues and to members of my family who have to write in English and I will continue to do so. Last but not least, she did not correct the English text of this recommendation ;)

Marinel Gerritsen

Intercultural Communication, The Netherlands

April 25 2012


Judith proofread and copyedited the manuscript of my 371 page non-fiction book, The God Franchise, and I was astounded at the level of detail she went. I am very pleased with the result, as Judith did this without changing my written intention. Occasionally she recommended dropping a sentence that was inappropriate, or added one or two words which definitely were appropriate. The work is nevertheless still mine as I saw it, yet so much better because of Judith's skill and personal commitment. I highly recommend Judith to any writer, and will definitely use her services for my next book.
Alan Dawe
Author of The God Franchise
January 12, 2012


Judith not only did a terrific job for me but more than that, I was a terrible typist which made me look stupid but Judith thank heavens overlooked this and made me feel at home. You are wonderful.
Thank you very much for your effort.
James (Jim) Creech
The Only Way to Stop Smoking Easily
November 15, 2011,


We hired Judith to proofread a document of 370 pages, she did it in excellent time, followed all the very tight deadlines, gave ideas and made a very consistent work. She was easy to deal with, flexible and reliable. I only have to thank her for her work and recommend her to others.
Aline Lang
Coordenadora de Desenvolvimento do Transporte at Confederação Nacional do Transporte – CNT, Brazil  July 13, 2011



Judith provides an excellent proofreading service. Her work is professional and she turns around work as agreed.
Scott Johnston
CEO at
The Hearing House
July 5, 2011


In my experience, Judith delivered her proof reading services to schedule. She also offered useful suggestions within the framework I was working. I recommend Judith's services, and would definitely work with her again.
Keith Hill
Producer/Publisher at Attar Media
July 5, 2011


Judith provides a highly professional and reliable service with a personal touch.
Her work is done to the very highest standards, and always delivered promptly.
I would recommend her services to anyone with no hesitation.
Mike (Moshe) Eyal
Managing Director at Secured Signing, Cloud based PKI Digital Signatures Service
April 1, 2011


I thoroughly enjoyed my working experience with Judith! She was patient in explaining all that needed to be explained, she took the time to understand me - and when needed, she even interpreted my hand movements. The end result is a fabulous piece of work. I highly recommend her to you ... and continue to use her services.
Jill Darcey
Author, Parent, Founder & Speaker at (Real Answers for Divorced Parents)
April 29, 2010


I have assigned jobs to more than 10 different proofreaders before, but now I know I only need to keep Judith on my contact list. One is enough because she is simply the best, in the way of speed, quality, and professionalism.

May Guan, editor

China Hotel Newsletters


Hello, Judi.

I respectfully tell you that my article which you had proofread has been accepted and published online. I greatly appreciate your sincere work. I am very impressed by you because you are not only an excellent proofreader but also a great educator. You actually kept encouraging me to take the opportunity and to revise my article again whereas some proofreaders discouraged me because of my limited English ability. 

Again, I thank you so much for supporting me. I hope I can work with you again in the near future.


Yasuko,  Hawaii


Thanks Judi - you did an excellent job!

- you've been fantastic.

M. Wilson, AgriQuality


Thank you for getting the proofreading thru so quickly.

That is absolutely wonderful - you offer a great service.



Great! Thanks for doing this so quickly

for the Children’s Cancer Foundation.



Hi Judi

You may or may not remember me but you proofread my children’s book. 

Anyway it was accepted as an entry into the New Zealand Post

Book Awards which is an achievement for a self-published author.



The proofreading was fantastic so thanks for that!



Thank you very much for your hard work

Tommy,  Community College Education Hong Kong


Thank you Judi - A marathon effort!!!

You and your proofreading work are amazing : )




Thank you so much for all your great work. The author has now seen the final copy and was greatly impressed with your work. He asked me to pass on his thanks for a first rate job.

Once again, thank you, and it was a real pleasure to work with you.



Good morning Judith

I read your proofreading this morning. I think your work is fantastic.

Especially your correction with the painter's names!

Armando, Switzerland


Hi Judi

I entered 'Four Dragons' into Secret Attic's Short Story Competition and have been advised the work was selected in the top twenty stories and published.

Thanks for your work and guidance.

Maureen Green 

Books now on Amazon:


I really appreciate the depth of your comments and think the story improves with each of your suggestions.

I understand that the children's literacy agency will evaluate the manuscript in relation to the suggestions  forwarded from the critique and present it to the American and Canadian market. Thanks to your work, it is now Americanized, and edited.

Thank you for your work, the comments and suggestions made, I believe, enhance and clarify the story line.  I could never have achieved the American grammatical use.

It was my lucky day when I found you on the Web. How did you get so good?

Your suggestions brought an instant lift to the text . . .

The text certainly reads better, thanks for your thoughtful editing . . .

The speed at which you work is awesome. Thanks for the changes.

I'm constantly surprised at how good you make things look and sound.

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