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We proofread and copyedit digital documents
and Web sites
   . . . written communication of all sorts.


We can also format and publish your work as a Kindle e-book or Print on Demand (POD) paperback and help you become
an Amazon Best-Selling Author.

BEFORE you print it, let us proof it.
We find the slip-ups, so you don't "goof" it.


We can help you immediately!


A 'Golden Oldie'


Is it any wonder we find spelling a challenge?

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Whether your writing is going to appear




  • Advertisement                       

  • Annual Report

  • Brochure

  • Business Plan

  • Catalogue

  • Dissertation

  • Thesis

  • Manuscript

  • Proposal

  • Résumé

  • Cover Letter                

  • Instruction Manual

  • Forms

  • Menu

  • Newsletter

  • Press Release

  • Product Packaging

  • Magazine Article


  • E-book

  • E-mail Text

  • E-newsletter

  • Web site

  • Blog

  • Digital Information Product

  • Internet Marketing Sales Letter

  • Video or Slide Show Presentation

  • Questionnaire

  • Mobile Marketing Website

 We proofread and copyedit your digital document
whether Word (.doc, .docx), PDF (.pdf), PowerPoint(.ppt) or text (.txt).


BEFORE you print it, let us proof it.
We find the slip-ups, so you don't "goof" it.

We proofread and copyedit your documents and Web sites - online.

Our personalized approach to proofread and copyedit your written words can be utilized by anyone who prepares material for print publishing or for uploading to the Internet. We are keenly aware of the rapidly changing trends in publishing and marketing of both fiction, non-fiction, and information products in e-book format, and can offer a highly specialised service to establish your presence online.

Whether you:

  • write fiction or non-fiction or are  preparing to self-publish your work

  • create Web sites or blogs

  • write copy for e-books and information products

  • write advertising copy or business reports

  • write internal and external communications in commerce and industry

  • are a student working on your thesis or dissertation

  • have an important personal document such as a letter of application, correspondence, a report, or a résumé.

BEFORE you print it, let us proof it.

Who should use a professional proofreader?


  • Do you have a new Web site or blog that could use a final review before
    it's published?  — or an existing one that needs a tune-up?

  • Do you have an e-book, information product, or Web newsletter that
    should be checked once more before it's uploaded?

  • Do you have a manuscript that should be reviewed by another set of
    eyes before it goes to your publisher? 
    Or, are you self-publishing and want to polish your work and format it as a secure e-book?

  • Do you have a newspaper or magazine article that has to be perfect
    before you send it to the production crew? 

  • Have you designed a new advertisement, brochure, or flyer?

  • Do you produce annual reports?

  • Do you need to convert NZ or Commonwealth English to American
    English? or vice versa?

  • Do you speak English as a second language and want to make a good
    impression with your English-reading audience?

  • Does your writing have to be absolutely error-free for ANY reason? 

  • Do you have trouble finding a free-lance proofreader who can work
    according to your schedule?

  • And finally . . . shouldn't you be spending your valuable time doing
    something other than proofreading?

 You're in the right place!

We solve the problem of proofreading your important digital documents 
- in Word(.doc), PDF(.pdf), PowerPoint(.ppt), or Text(.txt) - 
we check both text and formatting and can prepare your e-book for self-publishing.

BEFORE you print it, let us proof it.
We find the slip-ups, so you don't "goof" it.

...so what should you do next?

Click here to see how to submit your document.

Today, in our global multi-ethnic environment, we are also able to provide a valuable and significant service to those with English as a second language; this offers you the opportunity to appear to be more professional, and to be more effective in your advertising and written communications.

Are you located in Europe, North or South America, Asia, or India?  Our location in a South Pacific time zone allows us to function while you sleep. Send us your document at the close of your business day, and we will have it ready for you the first thing the following morning.

We offer a no-hassle satisfaction guarantee. 
You must be satisfied every time you use us, or there is no charge!

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